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We look forward to walking with you and your family on your Faith Journey.If you are already apart of our program, we thank you for allowing us to assist in the faith development of your children.

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Saint Cyprian PREP Registration for 2016-2017 is now open.

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Make Religious Education & Mass a priority

We know the importance of extracurricular activities. Stress to your children that lear ning about their faith and developing their knowledge of God is not an “extracurricular activity.” As your children grow in their gifts as athletes, intellectuals, artists and people of faith, remind them that they are using their God given gifts for His plan. By keeping Jesus the center of their life, they come to recognize His loving guidance as the foundation of what they are and can achieve.

To reach their full potential they must stay in constant relationship with God. Attending Religious Education and weekly Mass is a must! You would never just go to practice and not the games. Therefore, you should never attend classes and not Mass! Religious Education and Mass must be a priority with sports and extracurricular activities coordinated around them, equip your children with the gift of Faith, it will carry them through their life.

Please Take time to visit and explore the tabs on this web page. Everyone is welcome here at Saint Cyprian!

God's Blessings on all who visit this site,

Mr. Mark Gonzalez

Director of Religious Education